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One who raises demons must deal with them.  

 Shirley Jackson

Artists know how to create but cannot really kill.

Albert Camus

My love for the printed page has always been.

A few of my fondest experiences as a child occurred while exploring the art and photography shelves of libraries and devouring my stacks of books and magazines while sitting at home in my bedroom. Paintings and photos blew-up my imagination and yearning very early in life to be a creative.

My professional career in the arts began as an apprentice inker for Image Comics. With a comic book career spanning nearly 8 years and over 100 books including Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Wolverine, I have worked for most of the industry’s major companies.

Coupling with pen & ink, collage has been my passion since youth and is my one deeply intimate form of expression. I expose the inner self through my works—a portrayal of my identity focused on the feminine amongst and against the terrible.  My work is an intimate utility for visualizing, viscerally what's in me through paper, pen and ink.

I use intricate papercuttings and tearings to conjure shadowy spectres, turbulent vignettes and textured enchantments using photo imagery selected from books and magazines.

Ink in my collages represent flow and a growth. Like blood, the spider’s web or climbing ivy the ink acts as a viscous being, binding the cut and torn elements of my work. The ink knows its past and is aware in the present.

With hope that my self reflection and rebellion through art is relatable to others with their own dualities, I keep in mind that I am not alone in the struggle to negotiate inner conflict.

I live with June the cat in Eureka, California.